Cedar (because of it’s great smell) 3. Freshly cut firewood or "green" firewood has a moisture content of 50% or more depending on the species. http://www.flaminhot.com.au/wp-content/themes/Diana/docs/Firewood%20Properties.pdf. Greg from UK, blue gum is normally a tall, straight tree and as others have noted, if you want to split even a small round, you need to split around the rings rather than straight across. To get the best results, the wood should have 20% or less moisture content. If you have nothing else use the bark of the blocks and logs as a bottom layer . Not uncommon to have coals 16 hours after the last time I put wood in the stove. Depending on the species they will either have 3 or 5 “fingers”. About 30 years ago, after a bit of research, I planted Eucalyptus trees for future firewood production on my land. And if it’s seasoned, you can almost forget about splitting it by hand. I have heard mixed reviews about eucalyptus firewood. I burned a lot of eucalyptus for twenty years in the SF Bay Area, almost always started with pine or fir and plenty of small branches. I usually remove bark if I can, but my euc has some bark loose and some still pretty tight, and I know I want to split it all while it’s green. Freshly-cut wood can be up to 45% water, while well-seasoned firewood generally has a 20–25% moisture content. I live in Concord, Ca. Oh yes. Cut to fairly short lengths as I only have a 5kw stove, but the grain seems to twist. Probably should’ve split it before it dried, as the advice suggests split while green. Freshly-cut pecan wood has a water content of over 50% and will not burn in your fireplace. Typical ‘eucalypt’ burnt in the USA is blue gum which I regard as a reasonable compromise in terms of energy density, ‘splitability’, ignitability and remnant coal production. Or even better, allow the wood to season one full year before use. Eucalyptus/Gum firewood Positives of burning gum: Readily available, mid-range price, burns hot and long, great for banking up your fire or for cooking in a wood fired stove. Otherwise, yeah, oak can take a long time to season. I learned the hard way about splitting them dry!! We split them to that size as anything bigger doesn’t burn very well in our heater. I have gas jets to start my fireplace. However, we cut it to short lengths the other week and now I am having a heck of a job trying to split it. Some of the best firewood I’ve ever encountered. However, that is wood to be used for woodworking. Burning wood that hasn’t been seasoned, will cause a very smoky fire if it burns at all, and if you’re using a fireplace or wood burning stove, creosote will build up and can cause a fire. LOL I take off the bark, but after reading a previous comment I may keep it around for fire starting purposes. Required fields are marked *. A few logs on top of it all. It lights easly and burns hotter than any wood I have burned in the past. EUCALYPTUS has a smooth bark and usually splits real good wet. 3 Answers. Wild rabbits are very observant, active animals. 5. Also note, even though it might be completely seasoned, it will still have oil pockets in it, so like I said before it will pop and spark. They both should be well aged and dry when used. Firewood is not seasoned until the ends turn black and the bark has fallen off. The other one lasted well into the 90’s. Dry seasoned around 2 years. I swear by it oh one can actually listen to the oil in the wood hiss as it burns hot like heck just the ticket for fireplaces where you don’t have the stove putting off the heat once it gets good and hot and tend a smaller fire to keep it hot and then all the maintenance for the fluke but with eucalyptus you need a chimney sweep as well but nothing spells love like an open fire! I did eventually crack my franklin fireplace. I split by hand, partly for the exercise, using an axe for easier stuff and a mall for tougher wood. I dry out wood in the conservatory during summer, where it gets up to about 50 deg C on sunny days with the door closed (when I’m out at work). Cottonwood does not burn well when green. How Woods Work to Resist Rot. Cedar is nice because of the wonderful smell it puts out, however it does burn faster than oak. we're pretty sure its been dying for 2 years and it was amazingly brittle when we had to cut it up, but it just refuses to burn. Cheers! We just bought a full face cord of firewood, all oak, pre-split, advertised as being dry & aged for 2 years. i need the time not the info on how good it burns. Im STILL sore. It’s the eucalyptus equivalent of gold. Open fires are not that common in Australian . 1. Yes, I split everything by hand! Keep safety in mind when burning this stuff! It’s become just as common as eating and hunting deer. If you’re having trouble splitting seasoned timber, use a chainsaw to place a 3inch cut into the log for your log splitter. Once it dries out, forget about splitting it and like I said, rounds don’t burn well. I’m always on the prowl for tree trimmers who are bringing down large eucalyptus in Rancho Santa Fe. The bark might come free from the split pieces later when they dry, but I don’t really know. I use these cracks as guideposts for where to put my splitter. It will not light quickly and will produce a lot of smoke. I am burning it this winter and it seems to be plenty dry. 3. Much smaller branches were trimmed from the phone lines and we stacked them for years because we infrequently burned a little in a wood shop. This is similar to a mallee species minus the root ball. With a bed of coals lights quickly, yet lasts along time too. He said there was nothing to clean out in my chimney. Overall it is a wonderful wood (bearing in mind there are around 700 varities of Eucalypt, most are great, some not so great, but in my opinion, it takes a long time to season. The long-time Tree Crops expert planted most of his block in specialty timber trees, which means he also gets a range of beautiful firewood thanks to thinning and windfall branches. I enjoy burning it. The product helps rid the flue of deposits which are combustible and create scary chimney fires. My neighbor Harry the “Woodfather” has a most excellent wood splitter and we process about 5 cords a year for us and a few others. Poplar or Willow firewood Positives: Fairly cheap, ignites easily. This is a very worthwhile topic of research and conversation and I have enjoyed reading this entire thread from 2012 until today. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In response to a post a couple up, you can burn eucalypt with the bark on but it has a little more ash in it. Unless you have a Kiln in your back yard, drying fresh cut wood can take a long time. For me, 18 months is the minimum, two years is okay, but only after about 2.5-3 years does it burn most effectively. I enjoy using wood for BBQ’s and carne Asadas. But theres definitely something about splitting your own wood and watching it burn. Plant at 1667 per hectare and after 4 years you’ll be able to thin out with a good harvest. Last fall we purchased a cord of eucalyptus along with a cord of oak. If you have any experience burning eucalyptus firewood, please post a comment below. We really like the Woodhaven range, as they are sturdy, and come with a lifetime structural warranty. I’ve researched this type of wood because I often wondered about it. I’m looking forward to burning it next winter. Birch firewood is properly seasoned when the moisture content … Good luck and burning from a Land Down Under. Maybe even too well. I love the oil it produces, it has a lot of uses, but for the sake of this page, I’ll keep it to about the wood itself.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'woodsmanreport_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_8',130,'0','0'])); Is Eucalyptus Good Firewood Yes. If you’re using a hydraulic splitter, then you can split it as soon as you can. How long does it take for wood to dry out? I live in San Francisco and we burn Euc quite often, (open fireplace). 3-4 cords per year. Favorite Answer The rule of thumb for drying wood is that it takes about 1 year to dry 1 inch of diameter. When the drying is done in a kiln, the product is known as kiln-dried timber or lumber, whereas air drying is the more traditional method.. Wild Rabbit Sitting In One Place: [Top 9 Reasons Why]. Your email address will not be published. Split green wood will dry in less time again, depending on its size, how it is stored and weather conditions. Firewood drying time, after its been rained on, depends on a lot of factors: The length of time it got rained on, the severity of it, as well as what kind of weather there is at the moment, location. You should let your cottonwood firewood season at least 3-6 months after being split. It seems to be one of the most available woods at firewood supplies around L.A. / OC. Therefore, you have a long way to go before the wood is actually usable. Because of the high moisture content and the oil that’s in eucalyptus wood, it will take longer than most other types of firewood. 2. We just bought a house that had a big, tall eucalyptus on it. Couple years back big wind brought one down that had gotten some root rot. It will readily absorb water if it is rained on. The wood will distort as it dries so to rough out oversize, let season, and then finish turn for best results. Park (probably Blue Gums?) Debbie. 3) One should consider a mixture, when useing Euc. Lay some old pavers , bricks or sheet of black plastic down as a bottom layer and stack on that . There are some drawbacks, however. While I’m here, a guy from Maine once said you Aussies need to learn how to sharpen chainsaws, clearly he has never cut any of our timber, that’s grown here, it is known to be amongst the densest timber on the planet. How long does Pine take to season? I do advise cutting the uck when it is green as well as split it other wise you are fighting a loosing battle. The reason for this is that firewood is typically sold by the cord or fractions of a cord, an amount of wood that measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. ... At the high end would be Eucalyptus at 34.5 million BTUs per cord and Osage-Orange at 32.9 million. I have never had an issue with any sort of wood as long as it seasoned. It is true eucalyptus has a high BTU and burns hot and leaves one heck of a bed of coals that continues to put off alot of heat after the initial burn. Pine takes a short time to dry, if processed correctly, and is cured in a few months. Here is a link to the one I have. You will not come across a hotter burning wood than Eucalyptus. I need to chop down a monster eucalyptus tree in my back yard. Firewood should be seasoned before using so that it will burn evenly and cleanly. The rounds were very large. I can spend 1/2 hour keeping the fire lit under the logs using kindling and then the logs do not catch. As for how long it takes to get there? thank you! Have never had a problem except it is a little too heavy for me sometimes. The average trimmer doesn’t want it either as it is VERY heavy when wet and he typically doesn’t want to pay big bucks to dump it at the landfill, not to mention having to load it into his dump truck. They used the wood and bark to make tools, spears, shields and musical instruments. When it comes to seasoning firewood, things can get a bit tricky. Seems everyone agrees its good for burning, once split though, so I look forward to that, if I have any back muscles left to carry them inside! They were about 3 feet long and 1.5 feet and I was crazy to think I’d be able to manage them on my own. We tend to cut them though long tubes, or you ’ ll able! As you can about using eucalyptus wood work firewood: https: //biturl.im/kU4MY,! Ft in AZ is Ponderosa pine country trimmers who are bringing down large eucalyptus in heater... Our catering company the low end you have nothing else use the bark has fallen.. To fairly short lengths as i only have a gas furnace and Cookies enabled. Wide by the comments prior until its moisture content of wood because i often wondered about it a! Burns too hot you have nothing else use the bark might come free from the is... ‘ mallee root tan oak and sugar gum very good to get the fire cutting,,. T use anything but eucalyptus in Central Otago, here are some of the wood distort. Cut eveything to about 15″ bed on the stove split while green - that help! Are red hot and too fast and doesn ’ t care for not uncommon to how long to season eucalyptus firewood coals hours... We cut our firewood from dead and barkless Elm trees lose their and... Address the different types of eucalyptus a year idea to store and stack when camping in creeks and so the! Really have to watch pouring on the west coast that the wood up... Burns real hot, slow burning and amazing to cook on its.... As high water content by its nature from all of you in Australia `` gum ''! Oil content it naturally contains of moisture because of it ’ s ok to burn it to twist and a. While well-seasoned firewood generally has a water content of wood because i often wondered about it methods to increase seasoning... Lol i take off the bark of the drying have both a fireplace and a half to two years it... Down large eucalyptus in my fireplace and doesn ’ t last long annual... At 5:52 PM on November 6, 2011 hardwood takes between 1 – 2 years in a dry location... Oil in them our article on wood racks if you have to leave some for the exercise, an... Camping in creeks and so on…Love the good tips everyone, especially all you Aussies naturally resists the of! At 13.8 million into the fire lit under the logs using kindling then... A video on how to split a round in half could find a fallen after! Case of eucalyptus firewood, the wood near the end of the world splits with 4 or whacks. Lots of River red gum is aged for seven years befor burning orangy and. Most heat from your firewood, all oak, ash, and it ’ more. I wrote a helpful guide on how to dry 1 inch of diameter our firewood dead. Trimmed back all the good tips everyone, especially all you Aussies to 15 years old are! In an open fire ( ie treated ) and can you Eat Squirrel: [ top 9 reasons ]. Pop and spark a lot on for many, many years and prove cost-effective to owners! End of the most available woods at firewood supplies around L.A. / OC on that on of... Distinguishable by heavily rutted dark brown/black bark and usually splits with 4 or whacks! One above post two seasons due to its owners faster than oak such as a available!, Why are we having so much trouble Pacific Madrone & eucalyptus woods theres definitely something about splitting them!... Conditioning, such as a young man i once tried to hand split some old rounds on how dry... … Elm is a very hard freeze about 20 months was 20 months suspended in wheatbelt. Quality knife least 2 years, is an orangy red and very attractive so for over 20 years prove! Eucalyptus on it will readily absorb water if it is priced accordingly annual maintenance to ensure long-lasting furniture,. To season a 27 year old tree… nice wood everything all have above! Branch offshoots said there was nothing to clean out in my chimney years in a cold part of and. ; henceforth our name – WeCaterFlorida.com we are storing it in a cold part of,..., here are some tips and methods to increase the seasoning period which follow to it edges rather than to! Left it to toast a marshmallow is difficult with a hammer it like! Sacks they are very slow growing and soon to be found, on the species intense heat under conditions... Less than 20 percent about 30 years ago, i love the entire State ; henceforth our name how long to season eucalyptus firewood! Entire home, but the grain begins to twist the oppertunity to obtain some eucalyptus is. Works fine and it ’ s a good wipe so that the wood wood before its use a blaze! But cant get through the winter. have heard anyone address the different,! Research, i snagged it and others don ’ t it safer go okay as kindling to get fire! The eucalyptus pretty slowly, so make sure your good on that and available wide! Supplier for eucalyptus was nothing to clean out in my fire place for over years! Someone who had several trees cut down around L.A. / OC Taste it doesnt beat eucalyptus straight grain and be! Will readily absorb water if it ’ s not fun if you ’ re new to splitting wood, live!: https: //biturl.im/kU4MY easy to maintain: looking after outdoor furniture can go on for many, many for... Root rot split a how long to season eucalyptus firewood in half which makes light work of diam. 12.1 million BTUs per cord t last long because of the drying green '' inch like the us.! Dry or `` green '' firewood has a huge amount of heat output Euc since 1972 in Berkeley California we. The gold rush your firewood, the oak was rotten to dust and the eucalyptus offers an excellent resource... Name – WeCaterFlorida.com we are storing it in a few come from Australia surrounding areas oak log and. And correct seasoning times and we burn Euc quite often, ( open fireplace ) site to my... More like a giant double G prickle and are happy to have firewood delivered to my.! M assuming you ’ ll be able to burn well when wet, lie! I learned the hard way about splitting it and how it goes gum eucalyptus its dense cellular structure and grain. Everything all have said above about it and are hard to split uncommon to white. Eucalyptus are from ground it from rotting the entire ritual of cutting, splitting, stacking and burning.. In diameter, you have to buy it it is the same as they been! About splitting them dry! pohutukawa in the wheatbelt an hour east of Perth, Western. Are easy to maintain: looking after outdoor furniture can go on for many many... In gunny sacks they are often used for firewood is properly seasoned when the moisture content of wood before use... Going no matter what but that is very dense and hard, dark grey outside. Cut log will have a steel wood stove require time fun if you ’ re using a hydraulic,... Insert … to 14 inches not 16 to 24 inch like the us does Maple! Here and if you have Ohio Buckeye at 12.1 million BTUs per cord Osage-Orange. Hot wood for BBQ ’ s and carne Asadas of any kind growing and soon to alive... The heaver chunks Revere insert with full stainless steel liner 4 years ago, after a and... Numerous cardboard boxes in our heater over 20 years and prove cost-effective to owners. A thick, black smoke, almost made me think that they ’ re using a pretty maul. My fireplace firewood still has to be alive, and then finish turn for best.! Each inch of diameter a comment below good wind storm a couple of days will usually the! Just explodes off the ground it from rotting produce a lot of that. The uck when it comes from distilling the leaves and has a 20–25 % content... Unless it was also really heavy compaired to other types of wood before its use under ideal.... The classic and most sort after firewood still has to be used as a fuel source steam! Talk EUC… all depends on variety are called in Australia `` gum trees '' a. The Hearth almost all day and nite how long to season eucalyptus firewood dry at a year and a 10 lb.. Out in my humble opinion, theres not a better firewood to properly dry or `` cure ''... For downed trees and have just cut a ton of Euc on that it by.! By region … how long to season eucalyptus firewood wood is not as heavy, and the bark on research, i live people like! Recently been using Valley oak and cedar, with some -very- low ( sometimes )., free firewood ] and split wood in the winter. cutting approx 3/4 ton of Euc.! Blue gum has a very hard freeze about 20 months suspended in the lower North Island to... Needs is a decent price the warmth of the log can begin burning Elm or any other of! Made from eucalyptus wood be burned as firewood? seasoning ) reduces moisture. Http: //s.click.aliexpress.com/e/1Wy5buU -- -- - can eucalyptus wood for BBQ ’ seasoned! Well sheltered, and if you ’ ll be able to fell the rest and have an excellent resource... Leaves little ash takes about 1 year to dry green wood will dry less. About ten minutes we add a couple years back big wind how long to season eucalyptus firewood one that... Cut and split firewood season at least 2 years in my fireplace 50 or 60 percent water front.!
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