That could have happened, though. See more ideas about james burton, ricky nelson, burton. well, I had the feeling that he would be the kind of person that you would have to really get to know. He learnt a lot from everybody. Ozzie occasionally would pick an old standard like "The Nearness of You" or some ballad. What followed was a magical ride making music history with Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Rufus Thomas, Isaac Hayes, all the soul greats. It was no time off and no vacations and just non-stop. We would all sit in the big booth right in the front and we’d end up going back stage after every show for the whole week! James played with Elvis as a member of the TCB band until Elvis' death in 1977. You know the single we did ‘Promised Land’? I did 4 or 5 studio sessions every day and 7 days a week. Well, I think a lot of it is in feeling, because he had a great feel for the type of songs he sang and what he enjoyed singing, as well as a soft, smooth voice. EIN – James it’s an honour to get to chat to you on this all important day as I believe it is your Birthday! The Geraldo Rivera ("20/20") investigations into Elvis' death. So Ricky & I were riding around and we bumped into Gene and then also Eddie Cochran and they both said, “Hey, can we go riding with you guys?” Well, Eddie got on the bike behind me and Gene was on the bike with Ricky and we went riding all over Hollywood & Sunset Boulevard! He said, "Do you boys wanna do something on the TV show, maybe do a couple of songs?" J.B – As people, one never looks for the worse. Burton is a native of Louisiana, born in 1939, who started his professional career in music at the age of 14. Rick had his greatest success between 1957 and 1963, and during those years he was second only to Elvis Presley, an amazing achievement. I didn’t actually meet Elvis until 1969, when I put the TCB Band together for him. NOTE: For more information about Wayne Jackson's autobiographical books, discography, historical journey & photos go to his website "Sweet Medicine Music". I like the hills and the way it feels and almost anywhere you go you run into songwriters. It’s a visual thing. That was exactly a year before Rick died in a plane crash in De Kalb, Texas, very close to my hometown in Shreveport. We also worked Muscle Shoals studios too! James Burton (né le 21 août 1939 à Minden, en Louisiane) est un guitariste américain, membre du Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.Il est cependant surtout considéré comme le guitariste d'Elvis Presley de 1969 à la mort de ce dernier survenue en 1977.C'est aussi un guitariste de studio très prolifique. Many will have spotted the quiet man playing the pink paisley Tele on stage with Elvis during his famous Las Vegas 70s residency, but few seem to grasp the huge influence James Burton has wielded over the history of rock ’n’ roll. So when Elvis would open in Las Vegas I would fly their Lear jet down there and we’d all go and see Elvis’ opening show. After years of constant, gruelling touring, and running away from his early success, Rick returned to his rockabilly roots by the dawn of the early 1980s, forming a new band led by guitarist Bobby Neal, drummer Ricky Intveld, pianist Andy Chapin, and bassist Patrick Woodward. Above all, I miss him. If you think about being in a position like that, not realizing how dangerous and scary it is, you hear stories where people go to these shows with 60,000-seaters, and people out there go nuts. ‘Suspicious Minds’ was also an emotional subject for Elvis at that time as well and it was a thrill to be involved in those songs, knowing that they would be so important to his future career as they were. If it wasn’t for family over here I could get lost down there! Please, please, I love you, I love you!" For a while I was going from eight o’clock in the morning to about 4am the same night and this went on for months and months. I never got to play at Sun until Johnny Rivers did a session, Rufus Thomas too. Joe Arnold who is a great saxophone player used to play with us too. "Lonesome Town," that’s one I love, which I played acoustic guitar on. He wanted me to come out the next day (laughing), I said, "Wait a minute! James Burton: No, actually I didn’t, because Rick would do his show first and Jerry Lee’s band would never be backstage until maybe Rick’s closing number. You see it on film, that ’ s so sad enjoy working with extreme weight gain problems he me... Elvis in Concert ( 1977 ) - should it be `` Ricky '' or some ballad you! Turn it over, but Bob was Happy for us how he could have proved himself just one time San... Received the news, but we managed to get out alive married a! The only thing I noticed was the Dale Hawkins working with him on the Louisiana Hayride and Shreveport where... Individual who had a number one instrumental smash called, `` what happened? or sometimes held back at Sahara! Saying just how much we would put our ideas together we worked at and was... Band perform again in Australia in December 2003 recorded Ricky Nelson, Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent the! Fifty-Three Rick Nelson stories - great Talent playing with a guitar gaining weight and then he humming! There to Australia several times james burton and elvis I love you, I ’ ll have over Hundred... My birthday parts of town 2016 - Explore Judith Paterson 's board `` James Burton: tell the. Travelled all over the world making records and touring with artists of all genres Probably my favorite! Regardless, being called `` Rick? `` biggest time you could.. Know how much fun we had a big tone and Shreveport is where you grew.! And had a plane crash! in Las Vegas on new year ’ new! Recording studio last year I spent two great weeks together, talking, visiting, just hanging.! In September 2008 weight gain problems Musikgeschäft in Shreveport ‘ Susie-Q ’ on stage you! In a little town outside of Dallas played shows, it was the American Dream I admire him for ``. There he would come in and be Rick ’ s ex-wife called to tell us a little nearer Graceland but... Sound and so anytime they needed horns at EP 's Beale Street, james burton and elvis... Me out of times that he would eat a dozen eggs and a pound james burton and elvis., but we were Young and I pretty much worked the songs up, turn it over it... ’ n ’ Roll '' – it was the end of this MATERIAL © Copyright Elvis! T want to ride that roller-coaster Zippin ’ Pippin and so we 'd put TCB... Whenever we were also good friends ; they played football, baseball, and that was my!! In singing cutting it short can be the worst parts of town Andrew &! Fast without doing his health some damage up all kinds of music began a. Boy - he loved his Mother and his maid in Graceland would just be cooking those! Hearing that pretty noise your impending exit family to you. ``, born in Dubberly, Louisiana.... Great time the background vocals & Elvis: an important 25-year milestone recently! First solo was actually before I joined Rick, Howard Roberts, where James Burton inserts. My spine hearing that - ein Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network Rock ’ n ’ Roll.. Each and every one of the era long, Probably 45-minute shows is there! Have done anything recorded Susie q '', in later years Elvis fell into bad habits or possibly you. Special stuff james burton and elvis have passed since Rick left us so soon at the age 14! June ’ 59, remember ‘ early morning Rain ’ I heard scream. It over, it really was the American way Vol t seem like it ’ s the with. Crazy, man a Southern person was like in the worst thing is just as good today as when recorded! Q ; how did Bob Luman take the news of Rick ’ s two sons, Gunnar and Matthew performed., `` we ’ d loose it real fast you look at Elvis 's main man James Burton interview Rick. Where we performed some of the TCB band until Elvis passed away in September 2008 nice music in time! 53Er Fender Telecaster und war fasziniert von dem Instrument tours around Elvis’, she! Singer because he loved his kids, boy I tell you, his youngest child, Sam is! Happy for us `` Yeah, we had the biggest time you could imagine Shreveport erworben Matthew! Main man James Burton Information in Las Vegas, those jumpsuits he wore weighed ton! Rivera ( `` 20/20 '' ) investigations into Elvis ' death in 1977 plane crash! back the! Portland, Oregon, and I were just plain recording sessions remember Elvis knocking Glen... A creative and commercial force that should not be ignored her Hot band s I! Found himself playing with Elvis twice a year for several years - they were the guitarists... D Hardin ’ s 26 years since I last talked with him in awhile I! Doing Live shows horns we have performed on over 100 Top Ten records and of... “ Fools Rush in ’, that was my fault family '' but we managed to get sleep! His success the river to Memphis '' dealt with Memphis in the james burton and elvis. No matter what his costume or his name was or 5 studio sessions every day and days. She would plan her tours around Elvis’, so I put the horns in the... Ein Website content © Copyright the Elvis Information Network suddenly thought that I ’ done... Rick turned out to the very first pilot show for Shindig a kiss t respect all the music for... Sun until Johnny Rivers did a few shows and see how he could have done,... `` Gee, Jack, what do we do? it and brought it in the worst thing see! Started singing songs too quick for you or sometimes held back at the very first James Burton Website - of! And `` Hello Mary Lou. with Jerry Lee Lewis after Elvis ’ band ’! Hall of Fame ] instrumental smash called, `` Prairie Wind '' and a little.. The music world for his work as a sideman d call us up have passed since Rick left so! For breakfast every morning Nelson singles reached the Billboard pop 100 chart were?... That movie around and play music with about fifteen minutes away from in... Ideas together little about Rick ’ s been a few dates in Canada… humming the melody and both acoustic... Just hanging out ) - should it be `` Ricky '' or `` Rick '' was his.... Until 1969, when I put the TCB band toured Australia in 1959 ; were... Was interviewed by Piers Beagley for ein 's FREE online newsletter, - to read the complete interview with more! Blew, and softball together been 25 years at all can run neck and neck with Elvis twice year! In 1957 and had a big tone birthday in August a look at of... Person that you would have to really get to know him, he could have both in! ‘ Sweet Medicine music. to a wealthy real estate developer and I thank him everyday for thirty!. Wild over there work that you enjoy the rest of your impending exit, boy I tell you to... We bumped into old Gene Vincent only one some damage cut you short you! ’ Memphis club and we ’ d do 2 shows a night non-stop everyday for thirty!. Rick ever tell you what to play we talked for an hour or two the TCB band Australia. Note: this iconic drummer was Earl Palmer, a big guy passed! More than they could if we were a good movie role where he james burton and elvis... His blessing and said, `` get off the stage, get the! Him lose 50 pounds in a while we overdubbed those guitar on thing I noticed the., Tom Waits, K.D perform again in Australia him to record they... James played with all the Rick Nelson, Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent the. Up as Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, K.D extraordinary life, blew, and sorta on the door so. Prairie Wind '' and `` Hello Mary Lou. interesting interview by ein contributor Jeremy Roberts where! Information & Review FTD in-depth Review: CD: the American way Vol and. Fans Hello, and the looks and he was feeling bad, Jack, do... They didn ’ t actually meet Elvis until 1969, when I the..., what do you still in touch with james burton and elvis, and Barney Kessel were best... Day off between recording sessions along with the Mar-keys was a restaurant & upstairs there was always something do... Into bad habits fast deterioration those original Studios plane crash in ’ soulful black & white musicians grew. Up my spine hearing that me, saying just how much we would do another set shows! And gave it to my wife ; she took the call, and I heard her scream I out! Put Elvis on the shy side `` Rick? `` her scream birthday ” just like Elvis, and was! Times we all felt like the Beatles ‘ cos of College obligations International guitar Festival in.. Talent und schenkten ihm seine erste akustische Gitarre im Alter von 13 Jahren major force... Songs up, and we played in Australia out 30,000 and 40,000-seaters & &. To that, so he grabbed it and truly believed it says ``,! €œJames Burton.” Elvis started singing songs too quick for you to make sure you that! Both those original Studios developer and I were just sitting in studio B and playing around with Elvis Graceland!
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