A charming, surprisingly life-affirming peek at a depressed teen's stay in a psych ward. He had done so much damage with his years of meth use, on top of his poorly controlled schizophrenia, that he was incapable of any sort of meaningful interaction with another human being. They laughed and said "Oh he likes the young ones!". Houses are dusted with new snow, and arctic temperatures are expected by nightfall. The guy is about 40-50 years old now, but he’s exactly like what you might imagine a lobotomized person to look like. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. I had to end up calling the charge nurse who proceeded to call security. I never expected the delusions to have back stories. I asked him where he would be going after release (because he couldn’t go back into his home with his sister). Well, about a minute later security comes running in the room and busts out laughing as he seems a butt-naked little old lady trying to corner me while swinging a commode at me.”. I was going through my weekly rotation in the psych ward when my instructor assigned me one of the few males that were admitted (I am a male so I often got the male patients). by Fiona Rutherford. He was pretty low functioning so it was really hard to process. A couple of the most memorable ones: One girl was convinced that YouTube was a secret way for the government to communicate with her, and only her. Chemically induced psychosis, from my experience, is game over most of the time. The final straw came when he was about 8 or 9; out of nowhere, he tried to gouge his foster father’s eyes out while he was driving at highway speeds. I lost my virginity in a Mental Hospital. I later learned from the dentist I had worked with that Terry had witnessed his little sister being brutally raped and murdered by their stepfather when they were children. He had raped a younger sister with some of his toys. We also have other funny jokes categories. I think the laughter also stems from the community that forms. edit: forgot to mention—they found the eyeball in her stomach.”. I was told she set herself on fire after losing her baby.”. He would mutilate himself for sexual pleasure. From the day I was amitted, I wasn't given a 'welcome pack' or what ever you're supposed to be give which other patients received. He wears an adult nappy/diaper because he is totally incontinent, and changing it is remarkably difficult because he won’t stop pacing even while people are trying to clean him up. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini is very well written and realistic as it is based on the author’s own stay on a psych ward. She did not meet any typical milestones and would grunt to communicate. I was terrified. He was well educated and was a sales manager in some firm. He later approached me and introduced himself. I left three times during the admission process to choke back tears. The kicker is, this isn’t the first time he has been hospitalized for this. Share your stories/experiences from the psych ward as a patient or staff member/doctor. A middle-aged man who literally had an emotional age of 6 who spent almost all his time annoying staff, throwing literal tantrums, or manipulating people to cause fights. Not to visit a friend, or as research, but because I was mentally ill and a danger to myself. The spouse cheated after 60 years of marriage, leaving the patient homeless and heartbroken.”. He lost one testicle in the 90s, attempted to cut off the other about ten years ago, and this time he tried taking the whole thing off. He never smiles, never frowns, give no indication of any aspiration or want. It got much creepier, while he was singing he was running his nails down the walls as he paced back and forth and continued singing, what made it even worse he was singing about death and demons which totally was freaking me out. Psych wards have a bad reputation in general, and these true psych ward stories won't do anything to fix it. I had to put a girl in restraints that included her head because she was so suicidal and distraught that she was biting chunks out of her own shoulder. Terry loved to wear little girls’ clothing and would have pictures of little girls that he had cut out of magazines on a string around his neck. And all he does is pace up and down whatever room his is in, all day and all night, until he collapses asleep after about 4-5 days sleeps 12 hours, wakes up and resumes pacing. My worst was a 4-year-old with extensive physical and sexual abuse. Honestly, it depends on the day. He once ate all the staples out of a stapler before staff noticed what he was doing. Tianna wants governments to set up special psychiatric wards for teenagers and young adults, as it is "scary'' for teens to be turned away from paediatric wards … Learn about us. However, as far as the potential for awkward situations goes, going to the doc's can be comedy gold. "As I was reading, I saw a nurse escorting a boy my age (we shall call him John). He stayed for over a month with no signs of remission. I don’t get much for patient histories just whether they can walk unassisted or poo on their own. This whale just swam around, calling out to others in a way that no one could understand or respond to, alone forever. Psychiatric psychiatrist - a joke on psychiatry Funny stories Rating : 4.81, 21 votes. She was chronically depressed. I can totally see myself tearing those off of you.' stories of yesterday soy story mental illness depression it's kind of a funny story psychiatric ward hospital identity mental health 77 notes Nov 29th, 2015 Open in app She was angry he was disrupting her sleep and I couldn't [have been] more thrilled. A 16-year-old kid was in for molesting his 3-year-old sister. He would have to mutilate his genitals for sexual pleasure. She ate Styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery, plates…etc. These creepy true stories from psych ward patients are enough to keep anyone up at … I felt horrible for jumping to conclusions, especially after I got to know him more and saw what a gentle, kind soul he was.”. I’ve seen severe delusions. His family broke down during visitation and only his father could manage weekly visits afterwards. There is a lot of controversy around the subject of psychiatrists. Then she informed him that they can give him some medications to make the voices go away, and he immediately rebuked that option (mind you, still displaying no expression on his face the whole time). Anybody opposed to euthanasia hasn’t seen real brain damage. One full moon, and anyone who’s ever worked in a psychiatric facility knows what I’m talking about with full moons, she decided to pluck one of her eyes out with a plastic spoon she palmed from a tray on the way to the bathroom, despite her restraints and that two PRN attendants wheeled her down. After I started coming home with work stories, he gave it up. What’s interesting to me is how someone is fine the next day but will stand up randomly and shout ‘I need my kitty titties!’ the next. He was messed up before, but that kind of childhood pretty much did him in.

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